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Product Description


Scare away intruders and notify yourself, neighbours or friends with this simple yet effective wireless alarm system that connects to the GSM network

Wireless and easy to install

This home security system is very easy to install because it connects to it’s sensors wirelessly, so you don’t need to run wires through your house. The siren is very loud and will scare away intruders


Calls phones when triggered

One of the most impressive features of this system is that it takes a SIM card to connect to the GSM network. You can program 6 phone numbers which will be called automatically if the alarm is triggered (and 3 additional phone numbers to send a text message


Panic button

This functionality, combined with the optional panic button makes that this system is not only useful to protect your house when you’re not there, but also works very well as a panic system; Press the wireless panic button in case of emergency; the phone numbers you programmed will be called alerting your friends or neighbours and the loud alarm will sound, scaring off intruders



A built in battery makes sure that the system continues to work for 24 hours in case AC power is cut off


Package includes

1x alarm system unit
2x remote controls
1x Wireless Motion sensor
1x Wireless Magnetic door/window sensor
1x Siren


The pacakage does NOT include

SIM card to connect to GSM network
Panic button
extra wireless Motion sensors
extra wireless Magnetic door- or window sensors


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