Wireless charging mouse pad

QI Wireless charging mouse pad for iphone X/8/8+ & Samsung & ipad & smartphone, frequency: 100-205 KHXZ/


Keep your desk very tidy

Pokey keeps unruly cords, cell phone, USB memory and business cards organized. This mouse pad with a cord manager part is ideal for any constant mouse users looking for extra comfort. It keeps your desk very tidy that won’t let anything slip such as cords and USB memory.


Ultra-smooth low friction surface

It features an embedded pattern that helps optimize beam detection for definitive mouse pointer location and minimized cursor fade or jitter. Ideal for everyday use in the home or office. Its low-friction surface provides smooth movement for long use with less effort.


Ruler for measuring length

This is easily the coolest mouse pad you’ve ever seen. This mouse pad features 20cm ruler on your left-handed side to be kept on a desk to help in measuring and drawing.



Input: 5V 2A

Output: 5V 1A

Size: 20*27.5*2.5cm

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