MOTOR VEHICLE MOTORS GP-1000 The radio frequency use: UHF 400-520MHz can be used in conjunction with all UHF frequency converters available on the market
. signal strength, power output: 10W improve excellent communication ability up to 4km
Motorola GP-1000 has a very aesthetic design, the front of the machine owns white silver alloy plate makes the machine becomes luxurious
The sound of the machine is Motorola’s investment in digital audio chips to deliver extremely clear sound
Compact, lightweight yet extremely portable, weighing in at 250g
Motorola GP-1000 is equipped with ultra-fast 3000mAh battery with Li-ion battery technology, very suitable for its capacity. Battery life is up to 36 hours, 15 days standby time
With the capacity of 10W reception in communication conditions up to 4km, the inner city 2.5km
The cuffs are equipped with FM radio receivers that can hear a wide variety of channels for security guards or recreational workers during breaks
Number of Channels: 16 Channels
Dimensions (W x H x D) high x depth): 50 x 120 x 25 mm
The kit includes: Body, antenna, battery, adapter, table charger
Handset back – Talk time up to 36 hours with 5: 5: 90
– call waiting time 10-15 days
– Motorola GP-1000 Talk Radio Widget
+ Inner City 2 – 3 Km
+ Outskirts 3 – 5 Km
+ Ideal conditions 7 – 10 Km
For building 25-40 floors, UHF frequency is very good


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