Eastman 12V/200Ah بطارية

344.0 الف دينار


Product Specification

Warranty 60 Months
Capacity 200Ah
Brand Eastman
Voltage 10 – 12 V
Packaging Type Carton Box
Filled Weight 68.3kg
Model Number EM200D
Maximum Charge Current 0.2C10
Maximum Absorption Phase Time (hours) 4h
Terminal Type L
Terminal Height 24mm
Torque Value 8-10nm
Bolt Type M8
Vent Plug Type M22 Coin Type, M30 Dummy Plug
Plate Technology Tall Tubular Plate
Electrolyte Free Flow Electrolyte
Water Loss Low
Self Discharge Low <3.0%
Life Cycle 100 Cycle
Product Features :-
1. Robust Tubular with High Pressure diecasted spine- resulting low rate of spine corrosion.
2. Spill Proof Vent plug – resulting in no spillage on top and low controlled acid fumes.
3.Optimized Negative paste receipt for fast charge acceptance
4. Consistent backup throughout life
5. Excellent behavior in PSOC condition as compare
6. Low Self Discharge
7. Excellent performance on deep cyclic application as compare to AGM VRLA
8. Very High Design & Service Life
9. Low water loss
10. More Backup11.Long Life12.Quick Recharge
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